Advanced GPS Add-in for Microsoft MapPointTM 
(Full BetaVersion 1.3.12 beta for MapPoint
2002 Last update 1/30/02) 

Thanks for visiting AGPS beta product page.  This page has the latest beta version of AGPS currently available.  

The beta version beyond 1.2 WILL ONLY run under MapPoint2002 or higher.  Please do not install this under MapPoint2001.    I will be appreciated if you have any feedback or bug report for the latest beta.  Please email your comment to with subject including wording "Beta feedback...".

Targeted Features for Version 1.3.20 

Targeted Features for Version 1.5 (Will be implemented in the final version 1.5)

Implemented Features Summary in the latest beta (1.3.12)

Download & Installation
The latest beta version contains only AGPS.DLL, please backup the previous 1.3.x version and override the AGPS.DLL
Please install the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 for enabling the Text to speech voice guidance (or running AGPS under Windows XP).
You can download the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 (68MB) from

Copyright 2002 Chun-Li Pu / TechGT.COM

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