Advanced GPS Add-in for Microsoft MapPointTM 
(Version 2.3.40 for 2004/2006)
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Welcome to the home page of the Advanced GPS for Microsoft Map PointTM.  AGPS is the GPS owners' must-have add-in for the Microsoft MapPoint (North America and/or Europe. Version 2002/2004/2006)!  Read the latest review at Network World Sep. 25, 2006. Take a look at the screen shots below and find out how powerful it is.   For Streets and Trips and Auto Route users, please read the FAQ here after you read through and understand the AGPS features on this page.  Since Microsoft MapPoint street database is based on database from the Navigation Technology (NavTech Inside TM), it is very accurate for street navigation comparing to the other data source.  NavTech database is 100% used in US automobile navigation systems and over 90% in Europe.   I started to develop AGPS because I own some other street navigation software and they were useless caused by their inaccurate data. 

GPS speed and heading GPS Satellite position and information
tracking and measurement options GPS settings

Intuitive GUI design with shortcut keys and help displayed on the tool-tips

AGPS running with MapPoint on the freeway
AGPS displays the speed, heading and time from the GPS atomic clock.. Also optionally plots the trail and the cursor of heading.
GPS tracking trail map
AGPS 2.x driving assistant feature, with audio and visual warning.  

Feature Summary 

Additional features in the Version 2.x for MapPoint 2002 and 2004

Version 1.1.x for MapPoint 2001

Please download it from the download page. To run the AGPS, just click on the menu "Tools->Advanced GPS", the tool box like the following will show up.    The settings are straight forward.   Please read the disclaimer, compatibility and known issues later on the page.   Thanks.   


The AGPS add-in is provided as-is.  You are on your own risk to use this AGPS Add-in. is not liable to the damages of your health, properties, system and/or software causing by using the AGPS.  AGPS is not designed for automatic navigation system.  To run AGPS, you must own a legal copy of Microsoft MapPoint software.  AGPS will not be functioning without Microsoft MapPoint.  All the export restrictions applied to Microsoft MapPoint are applicable to AGPS.  Microsoft MapPoint is the trade mark of Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft is not affiliated with the AGPS add-in code authoring.  All illegal usages of AGPS including criminal or terrorist activities are strictly prohibited.

NMEA183 V2 Compatibility:
Please be aware that the availability of the following NMEA183 protocols will affect part or whole of the add-in features.  The AGPS will take the data from one or more protocols by the following listed priority.  (e.g. if 1 is not presented, use 2).  Check your GPS receiver manual to confirm the AGPS functionalities that will be activated by your GPS receiver.
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Thanks to Ron Whately at whom provided me a tutorial sample code (GPSTime) to extract the NMEA183 sentences.  Also thanks to Walter Piechulla for his Understanding NMEA 0183 that helps me to understand and extract all the NMEA sentences needed by my program.

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